latest non veg sms

latest non veg sms

A Short thing
It gets Longer
when U hold it
N pass between
women Breasts
N enters into
A hole
What is it?
1 min 2 think!
Car Seat Belt
U dirty mind.
Daughter: Mummy that man gave me 10 rupees to climb that tree.
Mother: Stupid !He wanted to see ur panty.
Daughter: I am clever I din't wear any of them.
When is that
the skin meets skin,
hair meets hair
n balls disappear..
dirty mind
its when
Why do 90%
of the girls have a bigger left breast ?
90% of the
boys are
right handed..
What is Long & Hard, has a hole at the tip
n when u insert it into a wet,
hairy & tight hole makes u feel better?
Vicks Inhaler..
But I like the way u think..
Why dont sardars make love in a moving train?
Bcoz its written there Chalti gaadi main chadna mana hai.
Girl & Boy are loving each other.
Girl: Darling, I want you to kiss my lips!
Boy: Sure, which 1 would you prefer first, lower lip or upper lip?
Girl: Middle lips
Boy: O ya love u sweetheart carry on...||


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