very very hot sms

A man sees on a girls t-shirt it says "handle with care"
Next day he wears a jeans & writes "candle with hair"
Why do girl wear flowered panties?
ANS: Cuz its there way of syaing,
In memory of those who were buried here!
Policeman arresting a call girl
call girl : am not selling sex
Police: then what are u doing?
call girl : I am a saleswoman selling
condoms and offering free demo also.(very very hot sms)
There are 4 ways to love:
Hand in hand.
That in hand.
Hand in that.
That in that
It's now confirmed that
Adam was the first sardar!!
Otherwise who else would sit
next to a naked woman and
chew apples instead of O O!!
call girl left her profession 
and goes 2 a school 4 a job,
Principal: Can U teach zoology/biology/or physiology.
call girl: No, only DALOGY & NIKALOGY
(very very hot sms)
Most interesting line written
on the front of T-shirt of a girl,
Excuse me !
My face is above. :)
A man while making love to his maid,
exclaimed 'Martha ur are sweeter than my wife'

The maid smiled and said
I know 'cos the driver always tells me so


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