Q: Why do pubic hair never grey
and hair on head turn grey?
A: Bcoz uppar dimaag mein tension hi
tension hai, par neeche Mauj hi Mauj!! hotsms
At KBC show AMITHAB: 10 lakh
ka sawal...wht is d color of
wife's pubic hair?

A-Brown B-White C-Black D-Grey?

SARDAR: Can I phone a friend.
MMallikaa: I have been raped
in d dark by a sardar!
Police: How do u know
that he was a sardar?
Malika: COz I had to tell
him what 2 do & how 2 do...
A Judge Charged 5400 bucks fine
to a man, When asked why 5400
judge replied 5000 for the rape
and 8% Entertainment Tax...!!


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