hot sms

Six girls jumped into swimming pool
and all water get dissappers..why?
Kyonki whhisper saara gilapan sokh leta hain.....
Advantages of having an affair
with married women...

they give like hell
they do not yell,
they do not tell,
and there r no wedding bells!
On their first night:
Husband: Is it really ur first night?
Wife: No... No... actually it is first time at night! (hot sms)
Boys say it's great,
boys say it's fine.
9 months later they
say it's not mine !
Friend: How's ur sex life?
Man: As usual great, Monday to Friday.
Friend: What about the weekends?
Man: Weekends? Oh! That time I'm at home, relaxing with my wife!
Wat is the similarity between a cake and panty?




Both have black forest in it!
Dracula dies n goes to heaven
God asked 'wht do u want to be?'
He repiled a thing which sucks
blood n has wings God made him
Wishper Ultra with Large Wings
Jab BBache masti karte hai to unhe MELODY di jaati hai.
Aur Jab Bache ki Mummy masti karti hai to use MALA D di jaati hai!
The saddest part of a Man's body is his Balls.
The Lord Almighty sentenced them to : Hang Till Death! (hot sms)
Shoe laces and smart men
have one thing in common...
They keep in touch with
serveral holes simultaneously.
Teacher: What do u call a man

that doesn't use contraceptives?

Santa : Papa


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