double meaning sms

Why is Delhi a male city (Mahanagar)
and Mumbai a female city (mahanagri)
? ? ?

Ans: Delhi has Qutab Minar while
Mumbai has Gateway of INDIA!
From the moment I saw u,
I wanted to be inside u,
I love ur smell,
the way u tighten and loosen
3 women in Gym
A man runs Naked covering his face, looking between his LEGS
I women: He is not my husband
II woman: He is definitely not ur husband
III woman: He is not even a member of the GYM!
what is differance between

1 man + 2 woman = challenge
2 man + 1 woman = problem
Once a nun goes for a urine examination and the samples get mixed up. The report indicates she is pregnant. When she gets the report, she exclaims, Now we can not even rely on candles
Breaking News: Latest sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team:
Whisper Ultra.
BCCI felt it appropriate as the team is undergoing its worst PERIOD!
In which place men & women

both have CURLY HAIR..?

Oh god!!!

ur thinking is so vulgur....

its in AFRICA....
Baniya gave matrimonial ad for
his daughter, working at a call centre
Wanted a suitable match for
Chandigarh's highest paid call girl.
What is LONG & HARD,
has a Hole at the TIP &
when INSERTED into a WET,
makes U feel better?






Q: Who is senior, P*** or V***.

A: V cos P always stands up when he sees a V... So respect the seniors!


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