Funny Non Veg Sms

What's the moral of movie Salaam Namaste?
The moral is: Never trust Australian Cndoms.
On a NUDE beach a man shakes hands with a lady & says: Pleased to meet you.
Lady: Ya, I can SEE that.
Banta goes to a Family Planning clinic for advice.
He reads the notice at the enterance: 'For Family Planning Use Rear Entry'
He goes back home happily.
A man married a Lady Traffic police Inspector.
Friend: How was ur first night?
Man: She charged Rs 100 from me for Overspeed,
200 for wrongside entry and Rs 500 for no helmet
Wife good as Tea
Both must be hot
Both must water me
Both must be delicious
Both must be Sweet
Both must be milky
Both must be ready in a couple minutes
Both must not let me sleep the night
An X-RAY specialist was
briefing about breast shadows.
He said, "Women's breasts
come in three sizes
PingPong, DingDong & KingKong"
:: funny non veg sms ::
Kaho Santa ji suhaag raat kaisi rahi?
Kuch mat pooocho yaar!
Pehle 5-6 baar to missed call lagi aur
jab sahi number laga to balance nil ho gya?

funny non veg sms

Child: papa aunty ka pait kion phoola hai?
Father:tujhey sub pata hai!
Child: nahin pata promise!
Father: in k pait main pani bhara hay
CHILD:Oh No! Bacha to doob jaye ga!
a good lecture is like a girl's mini skirt.
long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain interest


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