best non veg sms

best non veg sms

बंता: ज़िन्दगी को कौन अच्छा बना सकती है, गर्लफ्रेंड या वाइफ?
संता; वाइफ, पर हो किसी और की!
बंता: आपकी पत्नी गुम हुई है आपने पुलिस को क्यों नहीं बताया?
संता: क्योंकि जब मेरा स्कूटर गुम हुआ था तो पुलिस वालो ने 15-20 दिन चला कर वापिस कर दिया था!
Define a true music lover..
Ans- A gal is singing in a bathroom while taking bath n a boy near the keyhole is using his ears not his eyes...
the wind,
the wind,
the naughty wind...

that blows the girls skirt high...

but god'z clever

he sends the dust along the
wind 2 close the boys eyes..!!!
In a party a lady wanted
to go to toilet so
she inquired with a sardar
papaji susu karne ki jagah dikhao,

sardarji replied u naughty
pehle tum dikhao.
Catch her by her waist…
Bring her home..
Keep ur hand on her neck
Put ur lips on her lips
& have a …
nice drink....PEPSI
Sex n shopping have one thing in common:

In both the cases, men start sweating in 15 minutes n women want to go on and on and on and on!
Mallika Sherawat goes to doctor,
Doctor, itni garmi mein,
Shooting, partying etc
Main nahate waqt koon sa sabun Lagau?

Ji, nahate waqt bathroom
Ka darwaja zaroor lagaye
Aurat ki kamar

Ya khuda tune Aurat ke kamar
itni pattli kyoun banai h
yeh tere berukhi h ya tere bewafai h

Khuda: na mere berukhi he
na meri bewafai h
uski kamar say kuch mitti
lekar uske seene pe lagai h.
Machis aur Sex, donon mein
friction hota hi hai.
Bas, ek mein aag lagata hai,
dusre mein aag buzata hai,
par friction donon mein hota hai.
Reverse Dynamics:

When a man becomes rich he becomes naughty &

when a woman becomes naughty, she becomes rich!
Biwi Ko Din Me Karoge To Wo Sust Rahegi
Sham Ko Karoge To Chust Rahegi
Roj Karoge To Tandurast Rahegi
Karte Rahoge To Khush Rahegi
"Office Se Roj Sirf 1 Call"


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