very hot sms

Beauty is 2 c & 2 touch,
Flowers r 2 smell & 2 pluck,
Girl r 2 luv & 2 romance,
All these r free but
all depends on LUCK!
Define a GGynaecologist?
He is the only person on earth who looks 4 problems in the place where most people find PLEASURE!
Baap: Kyun beta ladki pasand aayi tumhe?
Beta: Papa ladki toh bahut moti hai.
Baap: beta ghar kitana bhi bada ho,
darwaaja chota hi hota hai!
WHY is sperm donation more
costlier than blood donation??
Coz sperm donation is hand made!
ppl wasted a lot of time talking abt who came 1st, the chicken or the egg.
But it was surely the ====!
Economics Proffesor

Now tell me what is the similarity between a Bank and a Bra?

Student: Well, the more in it, better the interest you get.
Wife A: I hate my Engineer husband. Erect & Erect.
Wife B: I Hate my Doc husband. Inject & Inject.
Wife C: U both r lucky, mine is judge... Tarikh pe Tarikh
What indicates the color of panty?
Black: Sexy
Blue: Charming
Red: Danger
White: Not tonight
Brown: Never Washed


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