sms non veg | latest very funny hot jokes

Lady 2 Sardar: Wats the time??
Sardar: Bra Panties...
Lady slapped him & said wat nonesense!! I asked u the time
Sardar: Oh jee, wohi tou bata raha hun,
Bara Paintees , 12:35....!!!!

sms non veg

Preeto comes without clothes in front of the guests while serving the halwa.
Banta shouts: What?s this?
Preeto: Recipe book me likha tha ? Serve hot hot....
Lady 2 Dentist: Its easy to be pregnant, than to get a tooth removed.
Dentist: Madam plz decide quickly, so that i can set the chair accordingly.

latest very funny hot jokes

Santa: What is the similarity between a Bank & a Bra ?
Banta: Dono ke ander Jitna MAAL Jyaada Utna Interest Jyaada.
Boy asks a girl: How much calcium is there in woman's Breasts?
Girl: Woman's Breasts have enough calcium to help a Man's boneless thing standup!
11 Galz ask the fruit seller to give us 11 bananas.Fruit seller:I'll not sell less then 12 bananas.1 Gal said:le le yar,1 kha lenge.
In a rape trial the lawyer asked: Did u scream for help?
Girl: Yes Sir.
Lawyer: Did anyone come?
She shyly replied: Yes sir, first I did, then he did.


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