non veg sms jokes

why is sex to wife similar to restaurant
Some times good service
some times bad service
Some times no service
Some times Self service
Thought for the day:

Make LOVE and not WAR...

Coz CONDOMS are cheaper than GUNS
Q: Why do most men prefer to kiss a woman's lips?

A: That's da best way to shut a woman's Horizontal mouth & open the Vertical one!

non veg sms jokes

Wife: My hubby & I have, what I call Olympic sex.

Friend: Wow, must be a terrific sex life?

Wife: Not really. It only happens once in 4 Years!
A man was touching lady here N there in a crowded bus.

Lady, "Excuse me... Yeh aap achha nahi kar rahe hain!"

Man, "Itni bheed mein is se achha ho hi nahi sakta"

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Two call girl were talking..

1st-We r in the best business in the world.

2nd-Hows that?

1st-We have it, we sell it, and we Still have it!
A story with moral
My girlfriend called me to her house one day. I went there & found her sister alone in the house. She was unbelievably sexy than my GF. She whispered in my ear, "I have feelings for you, make love to me once" I turned around & walked to the front door towards my car. Amazingly I found my GF standing there & she hugged me & said, "U have won my trust."
Its always better to keep the CuNDuMS in the car & not in the wallet!!

non veg sms jokes

what's common between the SUN & Panty?
1) both are hott
2) both look better while going down
3) both disappear by night............
Good girl: It's hard to be good.
Bad girl: Yes. If it's not hard,
it isn't any good.
Long Life

Q: What is the secret of long life?

A: Morning 2 eggs, evening 2 pegs and night 2 legs!


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