latest non veg jokes

son 2 dad does a heart have legs?
dad NO, son don't lie I heard u say,
sweet heart spread ur legs.
Kele Wala: Kele lelo Kele,
MADAM: arey bhiya kele to
pilpile hain kadak aur lambe do.
Kele Wala: Arey madam kabhi to
kahne ke liye liya karo...

latest non veg jokes

Q: Do you know why girls don't
keep thier mobiles in shirt pocket?
A: B'coz can't get signals near
hills & mountains.
A boy asked AAirtel Girl
what is ur speciality?
Airtel Girl Night time
incoming free!!
What is common between Moovv cream and ===?
Dono gehraai tak jaaye, garmahat laaye, aaram dilaaye.
"Aahhh se A-haaaa tak"..
What is the resemblance between
a windscreen wiper and a woman?
When they are wet, they
do not squeak any more!

latest non veg jokes

Accident takes a minute but sufferings last a lifetime.
Plz wear Condom & Helmet on ur appropriate heads during Respective Driving.
A very sexy & attractive female employee meets her boss
& says: Sir, will you remove something from my breasts?
Boss Wow, whats that?
Gal: Ur eyes, sir...
A husband was stung by a bee on his **** and it became swollen. His wife prayed, "Oh God may you remove off the pain and leave the size as it is.
Man goes 2 a hotel where there is only 1lady waitress
Man orders milk Waitress opens bra, Man says"thank GOD,i didn't ask 4 water"
Two ladies Bathing and the other asked her friend why she had no hair. Replied 'have you ever seen grass on a busy road'.
A baby dog asks mama dog: How papa looks like.
Mama dog said: "Your dad came from behind,
I do not have the chance to see its face carefully!"

latest non veg jokes

Old saying:

Early to bed and early to rise,
makes a man healthy and wise.
New saying:
Early to bed and early to rise,
makes your women go to other guys...
Tell me,is it going in?
YEAH. is it hurting?
oh yeah ouch its huring.
OH i will put it slowly.
Still hurting?
Aah Yeah.

then lets try the other SHOE Madam!


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