non veg sms in 140 character

A lady to another lady: Jab tera divorce hua tha tab to ek hi baccha tha aur ab 3 kaise?
She says: Woh kabhi kabhi maafi maangne aa jate they..!!
Doctor advised a patient: Dabaa ka dhoodh pio
Patient: Doctor sb, dhoodh tu
main khoob peeta hoon per
woh dabaa ne nahi deti!
Similarities between BR@ and BAR.
Both have same alphabets. Both r drinkin zones. Both have restriction time of closing and opening.
When open, both drive men crazy!
Why women love gold more than men? Because gold has 24 carrot whereas man has only one carrot.

non veg sms in 140 character

A S@x expert was once asked whether a rape is possible while running. No, he replied, woman can run faster with her skirt up than a man with his pants down.

non veg sms in hindi 140 character

Q: What did the Tsunami say to the Coconut Tree?
A: You better hold on to your nuts baby, this is
no ordinary blow job.

non veg sms in 140 character

Q: Does love deserve overtime & hazard pay?

A: Yes!Coz it works in deep & mostly in night shifts!
Jo Apni GF Ko Chand Samjhte H,
Wo Kripya Dhyan De Ki..

Chand Pe AapSe Phle 17 Log Chadh Chuke Hai,

1 To Kutta Bhi Tha...!!


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