non veg sms for girls

A daughter sends a telegram to her father on her clearing B.Ed exams,
which the father receives as:"father, your daughter has been successful in BED.

non veg sms for girls

Mother to Teenage Daughter : "I think its time that we should talk about SEX."
Daughter : "Yes Mom, What do You want to know ?".
who is stronger man or woman?
A woman coz she lifts two mountain on her chest while man lifts his crane with the help of 2 stones.
A woman goes 2 a dentist 4 tooth extraction
doc tells her 2 lie down and gets ready with tools
lady lifts her skirt, doctor says im not a gynacologist im dentist
she says i want to get my hubbys tooth removed

non veg sms for girls

75yrz old man got married with a girl of 15 yrz old.
At marriage nite they both r crying cuz Girl don't know anything
and an old man hav 4gotten evrythng.
A guy donated blood to his girlfriend.
After a while they broke up and he wanted it back.
The girl threw a pad at him and said.
I'll pay u back in monthly instalments.
in chemistry class teacher asked a girl: what r Nitrates?
Girl answered shyly:nights rates r high then day ..!


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