naughty sms hindi

:: naughty sms hindi ::

Man to very hot Air Hostess:
What's ur name? .
Air hostess: Eva Benz.
Man: Lovely name, any relation
Mercedes Benz? .
Air hostess, Smiling: "Same price" 
Prof:- "GHANTE" ka sahi matlab samjhao!!!

Engineering Student- "Sir, ek din mein 24 Ghante hote hain!

-8 Ghantey sooney ke liye!
-8 Ghante College ke liye!
-2 Ghante Khaane/pine ke liye!
-2 Ghante Girlfriend ke liye!
-2 Ghante Doston ke liye!
-2 Ghante Mummy/Papa ji ki daant ke liye!

Prof:- "Padhai ke liye kya bacha phir?

Student-"Sir jee, "GHANTA"!!!


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