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Messanger of LovE…
Oh dear clouds
you are flying east to west,
condense my love in your chest,
rain the drops of my love,
over the dry lips of her,
make her wet in love,
oh dear clouds,
i know no boundry for you,
you travel north pole to south pole,
you are last hope of dying life,
carry the breath for my dying love,
she is thirsty of my love.
Tell her,
I am also counting the days,
Dark and bright became meaningless,
my happiness in her lips,
i find my self in her dip.
you are the messanger of love,
your fairy love, you dips sweetly
And touches the heart of earth,
when you rain over the dry chest of earth,
engulfing in her in this way,
no one can say you were far away,
you merged your soul find her love.
it is the endless love in the world,
you know the feelings of heart,
how the life gives the pain,
when your heart lives away.