sad friendship quotes

Losing a best friend doesn't happen over night. Losing a best friend is slow and painful as can be. There is always that final slap in the face when you realize, that your best friend is no longer your best...

- Theory Ray
"best friends" has 11 letters...
but then again..
so does "backstabber" 
Sad quote by a true friend:

When I die,
Do not come close to my body,
Because I will not be able to wipe OFF your tears that time.
*Its really cool when 3 strangers become best friends,
but its really sad when 3 best friends become strangers* 
our conversations are getting shorter, our phone calls are dissapearing. my smiles are getting less smilish, our goodbyes are turning in to silence, our forever is turning in to alot shorter, my faith is getting smaller, my love is getting weaker, my heart is lost, our friendship is dying. can we help this..or is it just life? 
There was a time when i'd do anything to *'get you'* Now i'll Do anything to
*'forget you'*
It is perhaps one of the best achievements to become friends with your worst enemies and one of the worst disasters to become enemies with your best friends.
- Philippos
I'm not upset because our friendship is dying. I'm upset because you're not doing anything to save it 

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