republic day of india poem

A poem on Indian Republic day

We Indians are very proud to celebrate Republic day
Protected by soldiers in the border who never sway
Hear me, I just have few things to say
Reading this you may decide your own way

Over the years that has past
'26th Jan is just another holiday', I thought
With the very recent wisdom I have got
I salute the leaders who had fought

I hear the media 'flash news' and end up in tear
'Will there be more news on bomb blasts?', I fear
Horrible living in the midst of terrorism and war
Is this what the great Mahatma dreamt for?

Why blame the Politicians and Government who don't repent
Hey! As an individual I wont relent
For the election freebies and compliments they recommend
I shall say 'NO' and will not bend

Let's not watch the cricketer's zeroes
And stay away from the Corruption bureaus
Our great Jawans have nothing but only sorrows
Let us bow our heads for those real life heroes

Pay your tax, be very brave, take the wise decision today
Don't you wish your grand children to happily play?
We Indians are very proud to celebrate Republic day
Protected by soldiers in the border who never sway

We the youth, let's speak the truth
Sathya Meva Jayathe!

Desh banta tha jab tukdo mein,
Patel ne tha kiya tha yogdaan.
fir hua akhand sada ko,
mera Bharat desh mahaan.

Uttar mein Himalaya shobhit,
jo hai isaki uttam shaan.
dakshin mein sagar ki leharein,
karti hain isaka gungaan.

Bhasha boli alag alag hain,
fir bhi sabka hai samman.
purab se lekar paschim tak,
saara ik hai Hindustan.

Happy Republic Day

Written By: Sanjay Kumar Chaturvedi Pardeep 
Ye Bharat desh mahaan hai.
ye mera desh mahaan hai.

Iske leharaate kheton ka,
ann hum sabne khaya hai.
kal kal karti nadiyon se,
sheetal jal humne paaya hai.

Iske utpaadit vastra se
apana tan bhi dhak paaya hai.
isaki paawan shaalaaon mein
gyan sada humne paya hai.

isake har ek nar-naari se
pyar sabhi hi paate hain.
isaki pyari mitti ko hum
apana sheesh jhukate hain.

Iss paawan bhumi mein humne,
apana jeevan safal banaya hai.
ye swarg se bhi mahaan hai,
ye mera desh mahaan hai.

Happy Republic Day

Written By: Hariparsad Dharmak Vishal 
Hai Bharat ki shaan tirangaa,
isako na jhukne denge hum,
veeron ki kurbaani ko,
vyarth na jaane dengein hum.

Bharat maa ke sewak hain hum,
maa ki raksha hum karengein,
buri niyat se jo dekhega,
uska khatma hum karengein.

di sharan hai humne tab-tab,
jab koi hai sankat aaya,
khud bhukhe rah kar bhi hum ne,
sharanarathi ko khana khilaya.

jahaan hai behati gyaan ki dhaara,
wo Bharat humein hai jaan se pyara,
Sita Ram ki dharati hai jo,
aisa Bharat desh humaara.

na jaati na bhasha dekhi,
sabko apna mit banaaya,
mila jo bhi humein pyaar se,
sabko 'Deep' gale lagaaya.

Happy Republic Day

Poem: Deepak Kumar 'Deep' 

republic day of india poem

This generation of a different kind
Wasted youths with low and fickle mind
Its time for a Revolution!
until there is Satisfaction

We are all just Hypocrites,
Under the rule of Masochists!

We are wrapped in a blanket of lies
anything you want has its own price $$$
We are all just Hypocrites,
Under the rule of Masochists!

Blindfolded we walk to our GRAVE
Peace and Insanity is what we Crave
REBELS of today,
Legends of tomorrow
Revolutionize or live with sorrow.

When the going gets tough
the tough gets boring
Dictators of our lives
that permit the use of guns and knives.

Diplomatic bullshit leading to dipsomania
look around this new kind of mania
We are all just Hypocrites,
Under the rule of Masochists!

Political priests preaching violence
unknown heroes left in silence
Feeding jargon promises to win us over and so they won
Fools we have been to keep nodding in unison

Its now or never, do or die
its better to fight than to cry
stand up for your right don't give up this fight
fight for what you believe!

Happy Republic Day

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