Patch Up Quotes | 22 Patch Up Msgs To Say Sorry To Girlfriend Boyfriend

Cutie Sweetie The Reason
it Hurt so much to
separate is because
our souls are connected
I Miss You so much
 Love Patch up Quotes
I probably broke your heart,
and I think I broke mine too
I don't know how to say this, but,
I think I still love you.....

Patch up Quotes

I am not asking for LOT
All I want is FOR
you to look into my eyes
and say that
everythink will be OK..
Hold me Tight
Hug me with all your Might
Kiss me softly
Caress me Tenderly
Gaze into my eyes for a while
Give me a reason for Smile
Come back in my life baby
Just say that you stil love me...
All the Hugs
All the Kisses
All the Cuddles
All the memories
I miss Them All
I really Do
Please Come back..
don't you miss them all?
For what we have been Through
and for what we still can Be,
Let's give our Love
one more Chance...
My lies have caused
A lot of Pain
I promise to
Never do it Again
All I want is
To see your Smile N Cheer
Forever and Ever
Not just for awhile...
I am Sorry
Abrupt Good Byes :(
Throb painfully
in the heart
Forever and ever
Accept My Apology
I know I have caused this Mess
I know I have stolen your Happiness
I know I have given you Stress
But I truly beg for your Forgiveness
I love you.. Miss You.. My princess
Take me back in your arms
Hold me close tightly
Feel my heavy breath
As I tender my apology
Hold my hands
Nervous and swety
Look into my eyes
As I say sorry
Give me a hug
Give me a kiss
Let't again embrace
Our love's Bliss..
Whenever you forgive
You look like the Cutest, Sexiest,
guy on this planet. If you
didn't know this, forgive me
this time and find out for
yourself. I am sorry Handsome.
Patch up qotes for boyfriend
I feel Bad
For Making you sad
I feel guilty
For making you feel iffy
I am sorry baby
Please forgive me
Patch up qotes for girlfriend
I Took for granted
all our Smiles,
Laughs and Memories
Hugs, Kisses, Touches, feelings
I promise I will never
do it again,
Because they mean
The world to me
Breaking up with you is the hardest thing that
has ever happened to me. From one little mistake,
two lives were changed for the worse. Although you
were adamant about splitting up. I beg you to
reconsider your decision one more time.
I love you and I am Sorry.
There are a lot of things
that makes me miss you
Your warm embrance
Your loving kissing
Your gentle touch
Your sweetest Naughtyness
Happy moments
That I will forever cherish
Please forgive me
Coz I miss you so!
I am Sorry!
I know I was Wrong
and Rude That Time,
But you Know I Truly
did not Mean to
Hurt you in Any Way...
Please Forgive Me !!
I am so sorry
You are hurting
and I wish I could
give you a big tight
Hug and take all
your pain and make you smile again.
I am so sorry for doubting my
boyfriend for cheating on me.
But the problem is that he is
hotter then fire and sweeter
then honey. When other
girls swoon over him I am
swamped with jealously.
But now I promise That
extremely possessive,
I will neber be.
patch up quotes for boyfriend
Although I may have a
it is not HOTTER the you
Please, plz plz
Although I know that you would never
cheat on me, my jealousy got the better of me.
I am sorry, My Love.
Being my girlfriend I know you have
the right to be angry. But do not forget
that being your boyfriend, I too have the
right to pamper you untill you accept my
apology. I am sorry baby...

boys girls fall in love and make relationship, a boyfriend and girlfriend will try to adjust to each other and make the other person comfortable. It feels so exciting when you fall in love and start a new relationship! After some days, there will be ups and downs. Discussion, Dispute, Misunderstandings creep in and fights start. In the heat of the moment, both the boy and the girl decide to break up. After a some days (or hours), the BF or the Gf may want to reconsider this decision. Here are patch up quotes sms msgs for gf and bf.

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