Nice Sms | अच्छे हिंदी एस एम् एस

A Honest Smile from a Smiling Heart
crossing many kilometres has just reached
your INBOX!! Wishing U a life full of SMILES..
Keep Smiling my dear friend...______sweet smile sms
Always speak sweet and softly; so that if ever you have to eat your words back, they don't taste bad!
Good Day!
Always Be Like a Baby..
Becoz d baby nt Know about Its Past as well
As Its Future..
BUT It enjoys every second Of Its life
Everyone wants happiness,
No one needs pain,
But its not possible to get a rainbow
Without a little rain...
When you hurt by the person who is very close to you, do fight with that person.
Because sometimes a fight saves the relationship but being silent just increases the gap.
Kisi Ki Bhi Zindagi Waisi Nahi Chalti
Jaise Sapne Wo Dekhta Hi.
Fir Bhi Ye Sapne Hi Zindagi Ka
Sara Safar Tay Karwa Dete Hai.
God has perfect timing;
Never early, never late;
It takes a little patience and faith;
But it's worth the wait!
 Zindagi me Hr 1 Insan ki KIMAT Sirf 2 hi
situation's me Samajh Ati He
1-Usko Pane Se pehle
2-Usko khone ke Bad
-So care every sweet person...
Nice line-

Udaasiyo Ki Wajah To Bahut H Zindagi Main.....


Bewajah Khush Rehne Ka Mazaa Hi Kuch Aur Hai 
चलो हंसने की कोई, हम वजह ढूंढते हैं,
जिधर न हो कोई ग़म, वो जगह ढूंढते हैं !
बहुत उड़ लिए ऊंचे आसमानों में यारो,
चलो जमीं पे ही कहीं, हम सतह ढूंढते हैं !
छूटा संग कितनों का ज़िंदगी की जंग में,
चलो उनके दिलों की, हम गिरह ढूंढते हैं !
बहुत वक़्त गुज़रा भटकते हुए अंधेरों में,
चलो अँधेरी रात की, हम सुबह ढूंढते हैं !!!

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