romantic good night sms

Maybe it will rain all night
Maybe it will snow
Maybe we will dream it's alright
We will kiss all night hugging so tight
Give me one more goodnight kiss
If you feel tired come and take rest in my heart,
if you think that my heart beat is disturbing you,
don’t worry I’ll stop my heart beats for you.
Good Night Sweetheart..
One evening I’ll come 2 ur room,
Lock the door,
Turn off the lights,
Join U in bed.
I’ll come closer 2 U,
My lips near ur face,
And I’ll shout,
Have a great night.
“Good Night”
Beautiful thoughts in beautiful mind,
Give beautiful dreams in beautiful eyes,
So enjoy these beautiful night in beautiful dreams,
In beautiful night in beautiful manners,
So heartily “GOOD NIGHT”.
Make of our hands one hand. Make of our hearts one heart. Hug me soo tightly to make 2 body as 1 body.
let the lips locked tonight.
Good Night