Good Day

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Time is an asset to be managed more carefully then money. Try to spend it with the people who wish to share your dreams, desires and destiny!
Wish you a fruitful day! Good day! 
Power and wealth are the fruits of life; but family and friends are the roots of our life. One can manage without the fruit but never without the root!
Have A Nice Day!
Don't wait for people to make your day.
Just go ahead and make theirs'.
Good day! 
The best cosmetics in life:
Truth for lips;
Pity for eyes;
Charity for hands;
Smile for face;
And Love for heart.
Use them every day to make life Beautiful.
Good day!
Always speak sweet and softly; so that if ever you have to eat your words back, they don't taste bad!
Good Day!
Patience with family is Love;
Patience with others is Respect;
Patience with self is Confidence;
And patience with God is Faith.
May God give you a lot of patience!
Good day!
The mist turns to light, Morning takes over the night. Another beautiful day dawning, it's time to wish you a very Good Morning!
Life is a one way road where you can see back;
But you can never go back. So don't miss anything. Enjoy every second of life!
Have a nice day!
In A Day When You Don't
Come Across Any Problems...!!
Then You Can Be Sure That You
Are Traveling In A Wrong Path...!!
Have A Nice Day