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hindi romantic poems

Ager kabhi
tum jaan na chaho
k tum mere liye kya ho
to sun lo
Meri har sans me tum ho
Meri har dharkan me tum ho
Meri har aahat me tum ho
Meri har chahat me tum ho
mere har lafz me tum ho
har naam tumhara naam hai
har baat tumhari baat hai
har lafz jo mere lab par hai
wo tumhara kaha hua hai
har lamhe mere zehen me tum ho
har khwaab me tum ho
har nazar me tum ho
har lamhe mere khiyalon me tum ho
har yad tumhari yad hai
har yadoon me tumhari yadein hai
har chehray me tumhara chehra hai
har sitare me lagta hai
tumhara kangan chamak raha hai
har khushbo tumhari
badan ki khushbo lagti hai
chand me tumhara chehra dikhta hai
Meri har adat tumhari aadat hai
mera ye jivan tumhara naam hai
Meri zindagi tumhary naam hai
Meri zindagi tumsay hai
Meri pehli aur akhri mohabbat tum ho….

short love poem | short love poems for her

The rain may be
falling hard
outside, but with
you in my arms
everything seems
Let roar to the clouds
Let shower down to rain
Weather is faithless
Let heart to palpitate
and let it uneasy
To steal me from myself
To hide me inside heart
I want to live in you
Don’t want to lose you
Don’t leave me apart
Come near to embrace me
Life is not to cut a joke
I love you whole heartedly
Don’t understand life to amuse
I wished you, so you are mine
Can never be forget the
sight of beautiful eyes
Sky blue,deep and vast eyes
Loyal,honest and graceful eyes
Full of emotions and lovely eyes
Keep everyone smile and keeping smile eyes
When i am sad,smiled me smiling eyes
when in hard,help me helping eyes
When in grief,console me comforting eyes
When in restless,ease me peaceful eyes
When in trouble,courage me courageous eyes
To lost in such preety eyes,
One losted his heart must
To sink in such smiling eyes,
One can forget the world
Having extension of the sky
and depth of the sea,
love floats in such eyes
Made passionate anyone soon
Take away my heart,fascinating eyes
Demanded of love is just to you
Don’t forbid to love me
Sit near to me for a bit
Promising to love me
In much pretty night
Sitting as a bride
unease emotions wanted to love me
Sit near to me for a bit
Hearts demands to love me
As you seem me at first
Had great desire to love me
found you so handsome
Made me pretty to love me
How sweet melodious journey
You’re my partner to love me
How sweet life lived in love
Don’t forbid to love me
Just love you to love me
Oh peace of my heart
give relief to me, my heart
To see, shadow of your self
Why you confused, my heart
Still first step of love is
Don’t be confused, my heart
Just desire of you and your name
Harmony to me, my heart
Except your passionate eyelashes
Where is my stay, my heart
No fit well in my spirit
Just you my last wish, my heart
Often recovered me from a fall
Just in thinking of you, my heart
Holding my hand change my life
You are my world, my heart
Give me relief to, my heart