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♥ heart touching true love story ♥ Love doesn’t need reasons ♥

A Girl asked her Boyfriend::::::
Girl Friend: Why do you love me?
Boyfriend: I have no reason.
Girl Friend -  didnt like it 'n say
Girl Friend: No. Give me a reason.
Boyfriend: Ohkay... 'Coz you're beautiful, caring 'n attractive.
Girl was satisfied,
Then one day she got sick 'n look Terribly Thin, Pale 'n Weak...
Girl Friend: Do you still love me?
Boyfriend: Now that you're not pretty 'n attractive do i have a reason to love you?
Girl Cried...
The boy hold her hand 'n say..
BF: Now you Understand?

"Love doesn't need reasons.
I Love You 'n still love you no matter what Happens."♥♥
A Touchy Love Story..
A boy Was Tired Of Her Girlfriend's Msgs Which Always Said- I Love U, I Miss U....

One Night he Received A Msg FroM Her But Didn't Read It,Insted he Slept

... ... Next Day he Got A Call FroM His girlfriend's MoM Who Said....

That Her Daughter Had A Car Accident&Died Last Night.....

he Then Read The Msg In Which It Was Written,"Dear Please CoMe In Front Of your House, I Met With An Accident&Its My Last Wish To See U Plz....

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Billy ne bandar se i love kaha. Bandar puccha tumko mujhse dar nahi lagta; to billy ne hanuman g ka photo dikhaya or kaha - tujhme rab dikha hai yaara me kaya karu......
PYAR to 1 Bahana hai, Aankhe mile na mile LIPS ko milana hai, Yehi style hai sab AASHIKON ka, Kya kare yaar RAJENDRA KUMAR ka nahi IMRAN HASHMI ka zamana hai.
Ladke Mandir kyo jate he? kyuki waha Aarti H pooja H Archna H shanti H mahima H bhavna H vandna H aaradhna H sadhna H upasna H BHAKT LOGO KO OR KYA CHAHIYE..
Mor Morni ko kiss krne lga. Morni use rok k idhr udhr dekhne lgi, Mor: Kya hua Janu? Morni-Dekh rhi hu aas pass Discovry wale to nhi h Saale MMS bna lete hai
types of proposals:
1. I luv u
2. I want to spend my rest of life wid u.
3. Will u marry me?
... .
but the latest and favorite one now..
wanna b My Chammak Challo...?
The pain of losing a Loved one is nothing when compared to the pain that is felt when. . . Biscuit falls into Tea due to over dipping.