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A teenage was chatting on Facebook with a stranger
stranger: Hey Preety!
could u give me ur mail id?
Girl: oh yes sure :)
its: ihaveaboyfrnd_and_ilovehimalot@getlost.com
stranger: and mine is..........
Highly disapointing situations-
1. Ur Bst frnd weds ur lovr :(
2. A close frnd avoiding widout reason :(
3. 10 mark question askd for 2mark :(
4. Principal sitting near u on tour :(
5. T'chrs distributing ur test paprs in front of ur juniors :/
6. Frnd calling on b'day n not wishing :@
7. Dear 1 suddenly stopped msgng :O
8. Leaving dis post widout liking it too 
A Boy Proposed A Girl Saying
I love u I was in luv wid u from the first time i saw u
I can do anything 4 u
I can bring star from sky
I can live 4 u I can die for u
& D
Girl reply -
Bhai Angreji Koni Aave
Thoda Marwadi me Samjhaoni