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N-Notorious dudes and pretty girls,
W-With wine and winter,
Y-You must,
A-ample of happy moments and,
R-roar loudly coz its new year."
"People take vodka and tequila shots, May this new year eve you take shots of love, hope, care and mind you the first one lasts till eternity!!"
May every Day of the 2012 glow with good cheer & happiness for you and your family..Happy New Year My love.."
Make a resolution of doing something good for others everyday..realise the worth of living for someone's smile...Wishing everyone a Healthy, Wealthy and Environment friendly New year 2012....."

new year sms | new year wishes sms

As the New year is about to blossom,
I wish you great time ahead,
and may u achieve all that u wish for…
Wishing you Happy New Year,
May u always keep in ur heart
the special beauty and cheer of New Year.
Let's gather around and celebrate the dawn of
sparkling New Year. May it bring gifts of joys,good
health and surprises.Best wishes for a Happy New Year.
May you achieve success in every facets of life
and all your heartfelt wishes comes true.Wishing
you a Happy New Year of Happiness & Prosperity.
New Year is meant for celebrations and spending
joyous time with loved ones.May the beauty of New
Year be with you forever and your wishes of
peace,health and happiness ring true.
May this new year bring many opportunities your
way, to explore every joy of life and may your
resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning
all your dreams into reality and all your efforts
into great achievements.
A fresh start this New Year. May it
brings sunshine to your life and embrace you with
happiness,Love and Warmth.Best wishes for a happy
New Year.
May all the dreams in your eyes,
All the desires in your heart and
All the hopes in your life blend together,
To give you the most spectacular New Year ever.
Happy New Year
This note comes especially, dear Friend, to wish
you a marvellous start
as the year begins. ...And hope that all your
dreams come true, making
it truly a Wonderful year for you.
May this new year adorn your life with many
beautiful things and sweet
memories to cherish forever. And care of those
whom the heart holds
close, along with abundant joys and happiness, for
you and your family.
Wishing you life's best this New Year
May the new Year brings new hopes,
new promises
and new reasons to celebrate your presence in your
Have a Joyous New Year
New Year is the time to unfold new horizons
& realize new dreams,
to rediscover the strength & faith within u,
to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up 4 a new
Wishin u a truly fulfilling 2012
”Happy Last Night of 2011″
May today’s sun set wth a lot of happines nd 2012′s Morning brings a lot of succeses nd uncounted happines in ur life.