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November 4, 2011 Admin 0
Any person may make you Realise how wonderful the world is.
But only few will make you realise how wonderful you are in the world.
Awesum lines said by a lover
I hate wen facebook evrytym askz me watz on ma mind
Cuz its always u on ma mind
And i cnt share U
Sumone was asked what love is, he gave a short but

meaningful ans: It is d loneliness of one happiness of two

& quarrel of three..! ?.
Rain is not only drops of water...
it is the LOVE of the sky 4 the earth...
They never meet each other bt send LOVE this way.
Enjoy d love of nature...
Maybe God wants us to meet a few
wrong people before meeting the right
one, so that when we finally meet the
person, we will know how to be grateful.
Absolutely unbeatable thought :-

No one can buy love,
but still many of them pay heavily for it..!!!
U may meet people,
better than me,
funnier than me,
more beautiful than me,
but one thing i can say 2 u...
I will always be there 4 u when they all leave u.
All abt a girl:
Whn she is quiet, millions of things r running in her mind. Whn she is not arguing,she is thinking deeply. When she stares at u,she is wondring why u r lying. Whn she calls u evrydy,she is seeking ur attention. Whn she sms u evryday, she wants u to rply atleast once.
Whn she says i lov u, she means it. Whn she says i miss u,no one in this world can miss u more than her. Girls r alwys special. She is said to be 8th wonder. She is alwys a priceless treasure. Never hurt her or take her wrong.
u knw god wil be on ths earth in mother, sister, wife n daughter.