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:: short love story ::
Heart Touching love Story:

A Boy loved a Girl But the Gal Hated him..
Boy said that he'll change her Hatred into love & said that he'll Stand in Front of her House Till Next 100 Days..
Storms n Rains came but the boy didn't moved..
The girl startd fallng in love with him on 99th day..
Girl decided that she'll say that she also Loves him..
With the rise of Sun of 100th day the girl Went out but the boy wasn't there..
She found a paper on which it was written
"U Sit At home And Enjoy ur snacks... I got committed to ur neighbour...."
Moral - Wen u get love..Respect it and keep ur attitude inside d pocket....
A couple Fighting on phone
Girl: I know u dont love me now you love
somebody else
Boy: I also know dat u dont love me
Girl: I'm breaking up with you go to the ... person whom you love
(Girl cuts the phone, and boy call her again
and at the same time girl call hers)
(The number you have dial is busy)
(Girl calling him Boy picks her call)
Girl: Who is the bitch you were calling?
Boy : tears it was you
Girl: Awww...
Boy: I love you Sweetheart ♥
Girl: Speechless

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