love sms english | heart touching love quotes

A Classy thought:

Sumtyms ur best feelings r found in drafts... those r d words which u type but never send ..!!!:-) 
A very true love quote -

"Me and my bed are in a committed relationship...
I think my alarm clock is just jealous of our love..".....Good Night
White: Silent
blue: TalkAtive
black: Attractive
Red: hot
Pink: love u
Green: Cute
Purple: beautiful
Orange: smart
Grey: naughty
Forwd 1 rose for me!

a fact: wen u r hppy,u wanna reach d persn u luv most Bt wen u r sad, u wanna reach d prsn who luvs u d most & WAT A LUCK IF BOTH D PERSONS R SAME....!!!
The Most Memorable People In Life Will Be The People.. Who Loved You When You Weren't Very Lovable
Don't broke the heart of those who loves u coz broken heart is jus like a dry fllower which dose not bloome again
Never leave a TRUE relation for few faults.
Think just once- Nobody is perfect, Nobody is correct & at d end Affection is always greatr dan Perfection.

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