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A Baggar Found Rs. 100

He Went To A 5 Star Hotel For Dinner..

Bill Rs. 3000

He was unable to pay..!!

Manager Handed Him To Police..!!

He Gave 100rs To Police & Free..!!

A frustated engg. studnt tells his
girl friend on date,
"aaj paise tu de de,
placement hote hi lauta dunga..!!
Teacher: "3 Idiots" film dehkne ke
baad aap ko kya lesson mila?

Pappu: Mam yehi ki..... Engineering
padh kar bhi Medical ki ladki fasaai
jaa sakti hai

Teacher: Shut up & get out !

Tinku: Mam main bataau ?

Teacher: Very good Tinku !

Tinku: Mam college ke 1st day
Underwear zaroor pehenna

Teacher: U also get out !

Chintu: Mam main batau ?

Teacher: Arre Chintu, you are a
brilliant student.... ye sahi

Chintu: Mam Doctor ke alaawa
Engineer bhi delivery karwa sakta
hai :)
Wife Comes Home Late At Night And Quietly Opens The Door To Her Bedroom.
Under The Blanket She Sees Four Legs Instead Of Two.
She Reaches For A Cricket Bat
And Starts Hitting The Blanket As Hard As She Can. :O
Once She's Done, She Goes To The Kitchen To Have A Drink.
She Sees Her Husband There, Reading A Magazine.
Husband : "Hi Darling","Your Parents Have Come To Visit Us
So L Let Them Stay In Our Bedroom
Hope You Have Said Hello.

HaHaHaHaHa :) Aur kero shak :)
What is the difference b/w wife and saali?

Saali is Beauty,
Wife is duty,
Saali is passion,
Wife is tension,
Saali is patakha,
Wife is sayapa,
Saali is tuty-fruity,
Wife is qismat photi,
Saali is fresh cake,
Wife is earth quake..

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