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By | July 27, 2012
The Judge asked the prostitute - 'So wen did u realize u were being Raped?' Prostitute: 'When the cheque bounced!'
Q: What is the definition of "burning love"? A: It's when at night u reach out 4 da Vaseline gel & pick up Vicks Vaporub by mistake.
Santa: Y is reading a Playboy mag like reading National Geographic? Banta : Coz in both u'll get to see a lot of gr8 places, which u'll never get to visit.
A hair cutting saloon was shifted from grnd floor to 1st flr. A board was put by him saying "Neeche ke baal katnewale ki dukan upar hai"
What is the difference between the cricketer & condom? Cricketer drops the catch n condom catches the drop!
A Guy picks up a girl 4 the date, Why are u wearing ur belt around ur knee.? Girl: I promised my mom that I wouldn't let you touch me below my belt.
Man quits smoking bcoz of will power. Man quits drinking bcoz of will power. Man quits womansing bcoz he has will but no power!
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