Heart Touching love sms and quotes to express Your True Love

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You can't hug urself.
You can't cry on ur own shoulder.
LIFE is all about living for One-Another.
So live with those who LOVE you most..
If Our HEART Miss Someone
If Our Eyes Have TEARS 4 Someone
If Our Life Has Time & Space 4 Someone
We Really LOVE That SomeOne..!!
Love Is A Driver...(Heart Touching love sms)

Bitter And Fierce
If You Fight And
Resist Him,
Once You
Acknowledge His
Power . . 
If My Love For You Is A Crime
I Want To Be The Most Wanted
Love is..
Love is when after ur break up, purposely callin her n sayin "SORRY.. Galti

se lag gaya.. Aadat thi na.."
Love is when u say I HATE U, I HATE U, and she smiles n keeps on sayin "You

cant... I bet... You cant.."
Love is wen u realise no1 in dis wrld can b as swt as her wen she smiles..
Love is weShe Holds ur Hands tightly & lays  on ur Shoulder & Say u are a

Valuable Gift In My Life..
A sweet thought..(True love sms)
"Never get tired of doing little things 4 lovable persons...
Bcz sumtimes those little things occupy d biggest part in their hearts

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