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By | September 4, 2011
Best lines in Love:
"When ur love commits a mistake or hurts you. You should have d faith that it was only in-tension not intention"
when I am in love for the first time am not asking any one and not sharing with any body I kept it in my heart coz I love her more than i talk.
Someone Asked Me: "What Is The Best Time To Tell Someone You Love
Them . . . ?" ...I Answered : "Before Someone Else Does.
everything us uncomplete without me: (me)mory (me)lody co(me)dy
ga(me) so(me)thing (me)aning even (me)ssage so don't forget me! ok
Love is nt wen 2 people chat day & nyt .."love is wen sum1 messages u
from mrng & wait 4r ur rply eagerly til nyt & stil hav faith dat a
single reply wil come!".
Say something to 3 A's to keep your girl: affection, adoration and
3 C's to keep a relationship - communication, commitment and care.

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