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Fasting for New Generation: Living 1 Day without -
1. Mobile
2. Vehicle
3. Facebook
4. Electricity
5. Internet
Facebook is now like home,
if you don't come back in 24 hours
it means you are either lost, dead, sick or had an accident
American farts & says: Excuse me? Britishers farts & says: Pardon

me! Japanese farts & says: Forgive me but Indian farts & says: Not

New age poem

Chatting chatting.?

Yes Papaaa.

With new girl frnds.?

No Papaaa.

Telling lies.?

No Papaaa.

Open ur facebook..

Ha ha ha.
a mind blowing fact:no mater whether boys ride 220cc pulsur or 350cc

royal enfields, it cannot overtake a beautiful girl's 80cc

Fighting styles. . . . .
1980's nukkad pe mil tu !
. . . . .
1990's adde pe aa tu, batata hu
.... . . . .
2000's sports club me mil tu dekhta hu tujhe !
. . . . .
. . . . .
2011's ab aa sale tu facebook pe aise aise comment krunga ,
saala account he delete krna padega.
No Quality+No Style=Laloo
No Quality but Style=Sania,
Quality but No Style=Abdul kalam.
Quality+Style =?


One N only ....Me...Myself :)

Se Farar Ho Gaye He.

TV"Dekh Raha

Raha He


Nahi Aap Nahi,
Hamesha Aisa Hi
Kyu Sochte
Ho? Wo Mil Nahi
Zindagi me kabhi haar na mano,
Apni life me itna aage badho,
Itna aage badho,
Ke aage wala pareshan hokar kahe....,

"ekdam kapaare par chadh jaeibe kaa ".
ek sher arz hai
Udhar bhi sitam ho gaya....
Udhar bhi sitam ho gaya...
Jyada buttan mat dabao
msg khatam ho gaya.
The worlds most funny moment:
An insecure girl nervously asks her guy to describe her in one

She silently prays that he would say something nice like...
Beautiful, etc....
The guy looks up, meets her eyes and with a half crooked smile

"MINE".....!!.....................................John Abraham
A Picture Can Describe
Thousand Words ....!
With The Help 0f
...It Can Tell Thousand Lies...

some theories where we differ from our teachers : > what they call

"dumbness" we call" patience", > what they call "copying" we call

"team work" > what they call "proxy" we call "commitment" > what

they call "mass bunk" we call "unity" AND > what they call

"friendship" we call "life"
Ur smile can be compared with Flowers,
Ur voice can b compared with a cuckoo,
Ur innocence can b compared with a baby,
but in foolishness… You’ve got no comparisons
When u feel sad …
To cheer up just go to the mirror and say …
“damn I am really so cute” u will overcome your sadness …
But don’t make this a habit .. Coz liars go to hell !!!!
Orkut pe ladki patayi,
Facebook pe bat chalayi,
Twitter pe dad se milayi,
Google pe shadi karai.
Yahoo pe divorce ho gaya,
Isi bahane computer course ho gaya
say I failed 99 times say I
discovered 99 ways
which causes failure"
By:Thomas Alva
...Edison. . . . ....... . . . . . ....
Moral: Beshram ho jana
lekin apni galti mat maan
Mai ChandraMukhi
Tu SurajMukhi

Mai Tujh Se Dukhi
Tu Mujh Se Dukhi
To Fir Ek Kaam Kar

Building Se Kud Ja


Tu Bi Sukhi
Mai Bi Suki
Student ki note book k last page par kya milega??
1. love ke % check karne wali game.
2. Pen ko chalane ke liye ki gayi lines.
3. silent class me bat karne k liye likhi gayi baatein.
4. exams k liye imps.
5. aadha page fata hua.
6. cross v/s zero game.
7. vacation me kya kya karna he uski list.
8. kis ko kitna udar lautana he ya lena he wo.
9. firne gaye the uska hisab.
& Most Importantly...
10. Apna sign wid diff diff typs....
Happy Students Lyf..Its not boring frndzz..
Do ladkiyan baatein kar rahi thi
ek gori aur ek kali

Kali gori se: Tu kon si cream lagati hai

Gori: "Fair & Lovely" aur tu

piche baithe ladke ne bola : "Cherry Blossom"

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