A Very Good Relationship Needs Just Two Things A "Little Time" To Be Spent together And A "True Care" To Be Shown Always...

Heart gets Love; Brain gets Knowledge; Hands get Presents; Lips get Kisses; But only sweet friends like you get my sms/messages.

cool sms

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cool sms

Garma Garam..
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SpeciaL TEA
Ek aapke liye
I may don't hv much creativity to impress u in sending a great msg.
But i only send msgs 4 u 2 remember me as a part of ur life.....
"The Care & affection which u get from others".
"Is the gift of Your own character"!!
Beautiful Line:
'Care' Is To 'Express'
Not To 'Impress' People..
Bcoz When Care Is 'Expressed' Truly,
People Get 'Impressed' Naturally.
Stayin far Nevr breaks a relation,
Stayin near nevr builds a relation.
its d invsible link btwn hearts dat keeps a relation special 4 a lifetime
Science does not work everywhere ..
B'coz the time taken to love someone is never equal to time taken to forget

This time NEWTON dude is wrong...
True One:
"If a relationship doesnt make u better person den for sure u are wid the wrong persoN"
Only eyes spks truth neither d mirror nor d lips. Only d prsn who luvs u,
can c pain in ur eyes,
While evry1 else still believes in ur Smile..