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very funny sardar jokes

3 sardar bed par so rahe the.
Teeno ko jagah kam par rahi thi.
1 sardar bed se neeche sone chala gaya.
Tabhi dusra sardar bola.
''Ab jagah ho gayi hai upar aa jaa!"

sardar jokes

Shadi me Sardar ne plate pe tissue paper dekh ke socha ye bhi khane wali chiz hai.
Jaise hi wo khane laga,to sab sardar chillaye
Oye mat kha........
Taste hi nahi hai
After an accident,
Driver said angrily:
I showed you the Headlights to say that I will go 1st.
I also started the Wipers to say, "No, No, No..."
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funny sardar jokes in english

funny sardar jokes in english

News Flash: A two seater plane crashed in a graveyard in punjab.
Local sardars have so far found 500 bodies and are still digging for more.
Brilliant Answers by sardarji in IAS entrance...
Q- In which battle did Tipu Sultan die?
A- His last battle !
Q- How do u stop acid indigestion?
A- Stop drinking acid !
Q- Where was the declaration of independence signed?
A- At the bottom of the page !
Q- What's the main reason for Divorce?
A- Marriage!
Q- Ganga flows in which state?
A- Liquid state !
Q- When was Mahatma Gandhi born?
A- On his birthday !
Q- How will u distribute 8 mangoes amongst 6 people?
A- By preparing mango shake.

funny sardar jokes in english