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Ager kabhi
tum jaan na chaho
k tum mere liye kya ho
to sun lo
Meri har sans me tum ho
Meri har dharkan me tum ho
Meri har aahat me tum ho
Meri har chahat me tum ho
mere har lafz me tum ho
har naam tumhara naam hai
har baat tumhari baat hai
har lafz jo mere lab par hai
wo tumhara kaha hua hai
har lamhe mere zehen me tum ho
har khwaab me tum ho
har nazar me tum ho
har lamhe mere khiyalon me tum ho
har yad tumhari yad hai
har yadoon me tumhari yadein hai
har chehray me tumhara chehra hai
har sitare me lagta hai
tumhara kangan chamak raha hai
har khushbo tumhari
badan ki khushbo lagti hai
chand me tumhara chehra dikhta hai
Meri har adat tumhari aadat hai
mera ye jivan tumhara naam hai
Meri zindagi tumhary naam hai
Meri zindagi tumsay hai
Meri pehli aur akhri mohabbat tum ho….
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Wild Breeze Of Love

I am wild breeze,
i kiss your lips,
make sensation
always i tease,
when you say.

oh dear ! wild breeze.
i feels, i gets everything.

i caress your bare skin,
my fingers rolls over you ,
seducing your soul,
by my coldness
when it penetrate inside you.

i became so wild,
hugged you in my arm,
wanted to bare,
flew your cloth in air,
you struggled to maintain.

you said,
enough wild breeze
don’t tease me.

no one can control,
no boundry for me,
i travel thousand of miles,
i came to tease you
it is my love for you.

my endless passion,
runs with me,
in search of my soul,

its your beauty that
binds me for sometime,
in your drape,
in your breath,
i hold my foot
to find your soothing touch.

i can feel your shiriving,
and the aroma of your breath,
i provoked desire in you,
my touch ignited the fire in you,

it was just for sometime,
i know my reality i am wind,
i runs again to my endless journey,
i felt your love for sometime.

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