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I Miss You

I miss the sound of your voice ,
I miss the hastle of ur skin ,
I miss the time when u were mine,
I miss ur smile which was for me ,
I miss the time when u loved me ,
I miss the things which we did together ,
I miss the time when u cried when i was sad ,
I dont know why do we go wrong
I just wanna say ,
I miss u alot
I want u back
I know it is not possible
But u are always
My heart
My life
MY thoughts
My prayers
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i miss you sms

Memories hav their own strange ways
They leave u alone when u r in a crowd..
Bt when u r alone, they stand around u like a crowd.!

i miss you sms

Kisi dard ko sambhal pana asan nahi.
Haste hue har pal bita pana asan nahi.
Zindgi me har koi dil me nahi basta.
Aur jo basta hai use bhula pana asan nah
It's not like that I miss You so much. It's more like I miss Us being together!
You're in my heart, mind and thoughts forever!