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Love Poem

Remember the day we first met,
It was raining too hard..
And we both were wet..
U watched me with a smile
and cross my way,
we were standing to close but
there was nothing to say...!!
It was something beautiful,
it was something new,
your first sight made me
to fall in love with you..!!
Your love start to flow
like blood in my vein,
Why you left me alone,
with the heart full of pain..!!
Everyday i miss you when rain..
oh my love plz come back again....!!
Remember the days and the sleepless nights,
we chat all tym and our sweet little fights..
Now i knw love is a painful thing,
i fall in love without any wing..
their is nothing to say....their is nothing to sing,
Just waiting for u..for someone to bring..!!
Remember the day when i was on my knees,
stoping u from going and making u plz...
U knw i was sad...u kw i was tens,
i was hoping u to u didnt even turn once..!!
I knw i was rude ...i knw i was bad,
but i appolozise for the pain you had...!!
without u there is nothing to lose,
there is nothing to gain..
the only thing i had is the heart full of pain..
today i need your love again,
Oh my love plz come back again...!!!