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Take A Glass Of Sugar And Put It In ur Eyes So You Will Have 
If You Want Masala Dreams, Then Try Chilly Powder!
Good Night
Have A Nice Dream.
Mosam ne li angdai, humne le li
razai, SARDI se h ab
ladai, mungfali ghar me
ayi, coldrink se muh mod
liya, tea se nata jod
/1)4,3,/5)6 /2),8,6/4)
( 2'3.7' )9(4 '8;2' )
press edit & Delete only numbers & take my gift...gudnite

Latest Good Night Sms Messages and Text Jokes For Your Friends

after d whole busy day some1 nice
is waiting for U its ur bed
it’s the time 2 get some nice dream
have sound sleep & get ur dream
I wish tht u visualise a sweet multi sequential form
of idiosyncrasy occurng benevolently in d meritorious
piece of cerebral brain. In short,Good Night
MOON has come 2 colou ur dreams,
STARS 2 make them musical and my
SMS to give you warm
and Peaceful Sleep.
Gud Nite…Sweet
Night Is A Nice Gift,
So Open d Gift
By Closing ur Eyes
U Will See d Another
Wonderful World
Waiting 4 u …
Enjoy It wd
Sweet Dreams …
I Called u 5 Times But d Line was Busy,So Plz Come In ur balcony,I'm Standing Outside ur Home My Name Is'MOON'.I Just Came 2 wish u..'A Sweet drems' good night.
Welcome aboard 2 "Sweet Dreams" airline, all passengers are requested to go on bed, hug ur pillows as the flight will be leaving soon 2 dream land. Enjoy ur time G'NITE!