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best friendship poems

:: best friendship poems ::

आओ मेरे दोस्तों
मिल बैठे हम साथ
कुछ हंसी-ठिठोली हो
कुछ मौज-मस्ती हो
कुछ तुम अपनी कहो
कुछ तुम मेरी सुनो
दिन यूँ ही ढल जाये
रात में समां बांध जाये
कुछ शिकवे भी हो
कुछ शिकायते भी हो
कुछ वफ़ा की बातें भी हो
कुछ खफा नाराजी भी हो
कुछ अपनापन हो
कुछ बेगाने संग हो
वक़्त यूँ ही गुज़रता जाये
हम यूँ ही मिलते जाये
ये साथ ना छूटे अपना
ये रिश्ता ना टूटे अपना
आओ मेरे दोस्तों
मिल बैठे हम साथ

Here is best friendship poems for Happy friendship day 2012. Wish you dear pal/friend through sweet friendship poems in Hindi.


friendship poetry | you are my best friend poems

friendship poetry | you are my best friend poems
“Hello there nice person
Did anyone ever tell you,
Just how special you are
The light that you emit
Might even light a star;
Did anyone ever tell you
How important you make others feel…

Somebody out there is smiling
About love that is so real,
Did anyone ever tell you
Many times, when they were sad
Your letter made them smile a bit;
In fact it made them glad
For the time you spend sending things
And sharing whatever you find…

There are no words to thank you
But somebody thinks you’re fine,
Did anyone ever tell you
Just how much they love you?
Well, my “Dearest Friend”
Because I care about you
Today I’m telling you…….

We haven't known each other since pre-school,
But heck who says we have to?
We've had our ups and downs,
We've been all around.
You are my all time best friend,
And it's never gonna end!
Sure we have had our fights
But we have never been this tight!
I can go to you for anything,
You are my shoulder to cry on,
And the one who cheers me up.
You are my hero.
We have the greatest times
And the best memeries.
Side by side or miles apart
You will always be in my heart.
So when that day comes for us to say our good-byes,
Remember this...
You are my everything.
I don't know how I could get through without you.
So just don't forget this friendship
And know that I am always a phone call away
To tell you everything will be ok. 
I hope I made you laugh
when you were about to cry
I hope i made you smile
you you really wanted to die
I hope i made you think about something twice you wouldnt have before
because you've done all this for me, and you did a whole lot more
i know its probably hard for you to see...
how much you truly mean to me
and please know down deep in your heart,
even though we're far apart
that ill always be there for you to call,
when you need some help from your fall 
To my best friend:
I will stay up all night talking to you so you never feel alone (you’ll have to deal with me in the morning though)
I’ll make sure your crush stays liking you over ANYONE (physical violence may acquire)
I will cancel plans in a second for you
I would rather hold you while you’re cry, than be partying with anyone (YES ANYONE)
If someone breaks your heart, I’ll break their face (with pleasure)
I’ll make sure you KNOW you ARE the best thing in the world (once you become conceited this deal is off!)
I’ll work my butt off to get you what you wanted for Christmas
I’d buy the whole world to make you smile (Because everyone wants a globe)
I’ll go on talking like an idiot till you laugh (or punch me out… whichever one makes you happy)
I would throw myself in front of a bullet/truck/crazy manic to make sure you were okay
I will never pick another living soul over you in my life
If you ever need someone to pick you up I AM THERE,
If I can’t pick you up, I’ll lay there with you... (I’d prefer to lay its easier)
I will promise to never leave till you want me too, and my arms will still be waiting for you when you want me back (but then again who would ever want ME to leave!)
I promise all this because I know I will never find another person like you, SO WHY TRY! 

friendship poetry | you are my best friend poems

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